Exceptional Care For Horses And

Excellent Boarding Facilities

Exclusively For The Adult Rider

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Testimonial from client L. Robinson:

Over the past 20 years my horses have had the pleasure of calling Harmony Ridge their home. The loving, compassionate and attentive care Saskia gives is apparent as soon as you walk through the barn doors into an exceptionally clean and safe environment filled with happy horses. I value her knowledge of all aspects of horse care, since the health and well-being of the horses is her first priority. 


Private, Exclusive, Boutique Style 


Welcome to Harmony Ridge and the exceptional boarding services you have been looking for.

Established in 1993, Harmony is conveniently located in Greenbank minutes from Uxbridge.


I am proud of my excellent long standing reputation.  My clients know that I love to provide every horse with the best care possible and I have the knowledge and expertise to do it! 

      Professional, conscientious care with NO Shortcuts-EVER


Here at Harmony I provide a peaceful environment for your horse and peace of mind for you. A home that your horse will thrive in.  Feel confident knowing that your horse is being cared for by a trained professional in a modern, well maintained facility.

Harmony is the ideal facility for the adult rider that doesn't want the pressure of a "show barn" but still expects their horse to be cared for like a Champion in a top quality facility.

Every horse Thrives at Harmony Ridge

here's a testimonial from a client:

At last! A place to board my horse where they know what they’re doing!

by d.k.r.

I have been a horse owner most of my adult life and I can tell you; not all boarding facilities are created equal.

I have been a client of Saskia`s for over 10 yrs and I would not trust anyone else to care for my horse.  I travel a lot and I NEVER worry about if he`s ok; Saskia notices if he has an eyelash out of place!.

Not only does Saskia know what shes doing but she does what she says shes going to do.

Every year she always comes up with more amenities and improvements to the facility that make it even cozier for the horses and humans.

The professional care at harmony and saskia`s dedication is never in doubt. Clearly she`s doing what she loves AND horses are also clearly her gift.